The fun stuff:
Hi everyone! Welcome to my online portfolio. All of the images below link to a new page where you can view a larger version, a movie file or a Unity player. Don’t be afraid to download the Unity plug-in, it’s easy and fun.
Ok, first things first. Who am I? My name is Michael A Johnston. I graduated from The University of the Arts (Philadelphia) in 2007 with a BFA in Animation. I am currently working on an Apple widget game and have already made my first game called SPiRE.
These are independent games made under the studio name GrayBoxGames.
I have always been fascinated with Computer-generated imagery or CGI ever since I saw movies such as The Lawnmower Man and Toy Story. Video games have also been a big influence on me by providing me with a whole new way to appreciate 3D graphics. With real time graphics, developers need to work within the limits of fast rendering. This opens up a whole new challenge that CGI artists who work on movies don’t have. So why have extra challenge? Because with real time graphics you can view your scene from any angle and interact with it. This opens up possibilities that I can’t wait to explore.
There are a few realtime demos on this page and a link to my first video game SPiRE. Please download the Unity plug-in to view them. All realtime demos use the Arrow keys (or W,A,S,D keys) and the mouse to navigate.
My Resume
Download Here
Click on the image to watch my Demo Reel.
The good stuff:
More fun stuff:  Drawings
Enter SPiRE Site
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These are the games I am working on. SPiRE was our first game as GrayBoxGames. I say “our” because it is myself and my brother, Danny, who is nice enough to program them.
I just do the art, modeling, animation, sound...
This is a picture of our Tower Defense game.
Soon to be released
Secret Project
code name: “The Island”
This is what I call a 3D sketch. It gives me a feel for the scale of a game. Remember to press space to jump.
Walk around on a tree!  This is a demo of the concept.
My email:   maj3d @ hotmail . com
©2008  Michael A. Johnston
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Architectural demo
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Fruit Bowl demo